Hummingbird #79

Block #79 For Costas K.

Block #79 For Costas K.

I have worked with lots of fun characters over the years. IT people are typically a little different (myself included). One of my favorite people was Costas. Costas is a feisty Greek man who made work a lot of fun. There are two funny things he used to say when we worked together.

Not My Problem

We were working with a particularly difficult client who was having resource issues and taking it out on us. During a heated argument, Costas says “No, that is a people problem, not technical”. Throws his hand up (‘talk to the hand’ style) and says “Not My Problem”. To this day I use that, with the exact same intonation and gesturing.

The IIS, Is It Down?

Another thing he would do, quite often, is he would stand up in his cube and shout “PAAAUUUULA THE IIS, IS IT DOWN?” It often was. I went back to work at that company about 5 years later in a completely different job and one day, out of the middle of no where, one of my stressed out co-workers stands up and yells “PAAAUUUULA THE IIS, IS IT DOWN?” It stuck.

Date Made: March 23rd, 2015
Block #79
Days on Project: 83
Blocks Made: 81

For Costas K.

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