I’ve been MIA with sickness and work lately. So no birds and no new socks. But, I did pull out an old knitting project, an infinity scarf which I’m not sure I’ll ever finish. I thought about it tonight when a fellow blogger mentioned that she started a knitted afgan and the realized it will take forever to finish. I feel the exact same way…

But this yarn is fantastical. It is the softest sock yarn ever. And in thinking about that I became disappointed. I bought this yarn at my local yarn store and they always had such an amazing, large selection. A couple weeks ago I went to the store, excited to get more yarn only to find out it had downsized to the half the space. In that space, it didn’t have 1/4 of the inventory and had become very specialized. Practically overnight. It was so disappointing. 

I hate this. I don’t like shopping online for things that must be touched. I get it though, the economy is bad right now and will be until oil prices go back up. Also, with so much available online and in chain stores, shop owners have to change tactics to stay in business. 

So please support your locally owned businesses so I can continue to touch things before I buy them!

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