Hummingbird #6

Block #6 for Veronica M.

Block #6 For Veronica M.

I am dubbing this block “Conflict Bird” because it was a pain in the rear to make. At first I blamed the fabric, it’s not sticking to the foundation paper, it’s too floppy… But later I realized that the problem was  me. Let’s just say I didn’t bring my A game to this one. I have made 9 of these blocks so far and I made more mistakes on this one than I have made on all of them put together.

  1. I didn’t place the fabric correctly and had no seam allowance, and this isn’t on the pieces that flip, this is the first stinkin’ piece – quilters will know what I mean
  2. I sewed the pieces on in the wrong order – they are numbered for goodness sake
  3. I sewed the wrong side of the fabric on – twice
  4. I used the wrong seam allowance when sewing the main sections together

And with a normal block this would be annoying, but because I was foundation piecing, the stitch length was so small I nearly went blind ripping them out.

The making of this bird mirrored my day at work: full of stress and frustration. Luckily, like these birds, not every day is like that.


I dedicate this Conflict bird to Veronica because she is with me in the trenches everyday. Together we will continue to “fight the good fight”. PM’s UNITE!!

And despite my experience tonight, I will continue to make birds. (I honestly didn’t intend for that to all rhyme)

January 6, 2015
Block #6
Days on Project: 6
Blocks Made: 6
Unforced Errors When Making Block: 5

For Veronica M.

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