Hummingbird #18

For Carey C.

For Carey C.

This bird is dedicated to Carey C. Carey is my good friend and married to Bird #17. We met Carey and Matt in a church small group many years ago. There were four couples in our home team and at one point, over the span of less than two years, three of them had babies. There must have been something in Kristen’s brownies.

All of us have moved on to different churches and life has gone on, but we still remain close friends with Matt and Carey. And now we live 5 minutes from them! It is so nice to be able to go out to dinner with neither of us needing to drive for 30 minutes. It’s also nice to have our friends nearby to help out when life gets stupid. (Which it did, several times, last year).

Date Made: January 18, 2015  
Block #18
Days on Project: 18
Blocks Made: 22

For Carey C.

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