Hummingbird #19

Block #19 For Gary S.

Block #19 For Gary S.

This bird is dedicated to Gary S. He was my boss for a few years and the one of the best bosses I have ever had. (I know I may have some other “bosses” reading this – don’t be mad – I liked you too). I guess he gets a bird because I had lunch with him today and the nostalgia is kicking in. We worked together in a pretty high stress environment and he was always there to help me out of a jam or give some good advice. He sat right across from my other favorite Gary, Gary N. – “The Garys” -Whenever I needed one of them, I would just call out “Hey Gary” and they would both answer, which was good as I usually needed both of them.

Gary S. built a great team; he is very good at that. Don’t get me wrong, I work at a good company now with a lot of good people, but occasionally I miss my old crew of Gary, Gary, and Hank. We were a great team, but we have all moved on now to bigger an better things.

Thoughts on this block:

Work is getting busy, as it does. And, it’s a holiday for us. But while sewing, I keep thinking, I should be working. While working, I keep thinking I would rather be sewing. My boss would say, “It’s a holiday, it will be there in the morning”. So I am trying to not think about work while writing this blog and failing miserably. Heck – I even dedicated it to a former co-worker.

In other news, I dropped my velocity iron and scratched the crap out of my new hardwood floors. Maybe I should be working instead…

Date Made: January 19, 2015  
Block #19
Days on Project: 19
Blocks Made: 23

For Gary S.

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