Hummingbird #25

Block #25 For Travis

Block #25 For Travis

This block is dedicated to my brother-in-law Travis. I married into a sports family. My brother-in-law is a baseball coach at a junior college, my sister-in-law is in sports medicine, my father-in-law was a basketball coach (and later a principle), and my mother-in-law and husband will watch sports over anything else on TV. So they put up with me…

Travis is a great coach, having taken his team to the Junior College world series. Which is a pretty big deal. And now he has a second job, daddy. Thanks to his new job, I got to participate in the most stinkin’ cute baby shower I had ever been to. It was all baseball food and decorations with popcorn, peanuts, candy bars, nachos, and hot dogs. I also made my first and probably only sports themed quilt.

My husband picked these fabrics.

Date Made: January 25, 2015  
Block #25
Days on Project: 25
Blocks Made: 29
Husband’s Picks: #4

For Travis L.

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