Hummingbird #24

Block #24 For Jennifer L.

Block #24 For Jennifer L.

This block is dedicated to my sister-in-law Jennifer L. Earlier last year she and her husband adopted a baby boy and he is perfect. I’m an Aunt!

My mother-in-law is in love. She was visiting us last weekend and I took her to a knit shop she likes. As she was checking out, she told the lady all about him and pulled out her brag book showing him off. It was adorable, you can just see her love for him every time she talks about him.

Yesterday, they were able to make it official and finalize the adoption. So congratulations Jen, you are a wonderful mom and doing a great job! We are so happy for you guys.

My husband picked these fabrics.

Date Made: January 24, 2015  
Block #24
Days on Project: 24
Blocks Made: 27
Husband’s Picks: #3

For Jennifer L.

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