Hummingbird #27

Block #27 for Kendra R.

Block #27 for Kendra R.

This block is dedicated to Kendra R. Kendra is my co-worker and good friend. With triplets and a full time job she is the very definition of a super mom. The stories she tells about the funny things her kids do and how she manages their crazy schedule crack me up. My favorite story is about how she deals with chores. Hopefully I will tell it right…

With three kids, keeping track of whose turn it is to do chores and if they did them, on top of cooking dinner, helping with homework, and playing chauffeur is nearly impossible for two people to manage. So she devised a system for the chores and put the kids in charge. Yeah you heard me… they are in charge. Each week a different kid is in charge and they are responsible for reminding the other two to get their chores done and making sure they get them done. It’s pure genius. It’s almost as if she is raising little project managers.

The lunch story today was pretty awesome too, although not exactly “fit for print”…

My husband picked these fabrics.

Date Made: January 27, 2015  
Block #27
Days on Project: 27
Blocks Made: 31
Husband’s Picks: #6

For Kendra R.

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