Hummingbird #28

Block #28 For Nona

Block #28 For Nona

This block is dedicated to Nona. Nona is my co-worker, friend and confident. I realized at lunch today that we have conversations I almost never have with anyone else. The same can be said for yesterday’s bird as well. So I guess this is the: “They know my dirty secrets, so I better get their birds out quickly” week. But in all seriousness, it is nice to be around people you can be completely honest with.

Nona is also my personality opposite. At our work, we take this personality quiz/class. It is all about learning how to communicate with each other and understanding our own personality traits. We get ranked by colors and most people are predominately two of the four: Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. Yellows are extroverts; happy, creative people. Reds are fiery “get ‘er done” types. Blue want lots of detail an are typically introverts. And Greens want everyone to be happy.

I think she is a Yellow/Red and I am Blue/Red. I’m hopelessly introverted and have a low amount of patience for people who are not moving fast enough. Nona is creative, colorful and just fun to be around. This project has made me realize that I surround myself with people who are not like me. I enjoy being around happy, fun people and find my little introverted bootie riding the happiness bubble of all the “yellows” and “greens” in my life.

So in honor of them, I picked my most colorful bird.

My husband picked these fabrics. An tonight he said: “Hey it looks like a sonic boom coming off the nose of the bird” – “Ok.”

Date Made: January 25, 2015  
Block #28
Days on Project: 28
Blocks Made: 31
Husband’s Picks: #7

For Nona D.

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