Hummingbird #33

Block #33 For Uma

Block #33 For Uma

This block is dedicated to my former co-worker Uma. Uma was great, she was a very nice, quiet lady. Almost never said a bad word about anybody; never hurt a fly. I truly miss working with her.

Short story tonight:

One day at work a group of my co-workers came out of a meeting and they were all upset. They were venting and I was listening. I keep a canister of york peppermint patties on my desks for times like these. Chocolate tends to make everything better. Right?

But Uma, she was mad. Frankly, I had never seen her mad before. She took her peppermint patty, unwrapped it and took a bite, then ceremoniously threw it on the ground in protest during a rant. It was the funniest thing. I had only ever seen people in movies do that. It is one of my fondest memories of our time together.

The other funny thing she would do, is that she would take one or two of these home to her kids occasionally. She didn’t let them have sweets very often, so she didn’t do it every day. Come to find out, when she didn’t bring them home she would tell them that I (Ms. Paula) didn’t give them any today. Blamed it on me!

My husband picked these fabrics.

Date Made: February 1st, 2015  
Block #33
Days on Project: 33
Blocks Made: 38
Husband’s Picks: #12

For Uma

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