Hummingbird #39

Block #39 For Lisa J.

Block #39 For Lisa J.

Most nights I have a hard time deciding who to dedicate the block to. I debate, do I have a really good story to tell, is it too personal, is it too boring, is the block to girlie for a guy, is it not ridonkulous enough for this person… It’s exhausting. But tonight – Easy Peasy.

Lisa J. and I went to school together, we didn’t hang out back then. In fact, she tells this story of a recess altercation of which I have no recollection… I plead the fifth. But, I am much nicer now and we have become good Facebook buddies.

Earlier today she messaged me telling me of a dream she had. She and I and one of our other schoolmates were meeting with Bill Gates. Lisa was trying to donate some money to him to help him with his new business. And I had a tattoo of a bird on my right ankle. I immediately said “Well, what was it” and she said she thinks it was a bird. Figures…

What is really funny about this, is that years ago I was a programmer of the Microsoft variety (VB.NET, ASP, TSQL). I used to joke “Uncle Bill Pays My Bills”. Apparently, in this dream we were trying to pay his.

I’m Back In Charge
I am back in charge of all bird operations for awhile. The bird factory was a good idea but I am now out of pre-made birds/bird parts. Starting tomorrow, we are back to a bird a night. I am super busy at work, so I imagine one or two of the “Test Birds” will get promoted to “Real Birds” this week.

Date Made: February 8th, 2015  
Block #39
Days on Project: 39
Blocks Made: 42

For Lisa J.

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