Hummingbird #38

Block #38 for Fahima

Block #38 for Fahima

This block is dedicated to a very special lady, Fahima. Today is her birthday and this is my way of saying “Happy birthday pretty lady!”

Fahima is the amazing mother of three beautiful children. For my husband’s birthday we invited several of our friends and their kids to go bowling with us. She had a baby at home and couldn’t come but her husband came out and brought her two oldest. Everyone at the party commented on how well behaved and polite his kids were. His response, “Oh thank you, but it’s not me, my wife runs a pretty tight ship”.

My husband picked these fabrics.

Date Made: February 7th, 2015  
Block #38
Days on Project: 38
Blocks Made: 41
Husband’s Picks: #17

For Fahima

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