Hummingbird #46

Block #46 For Jennifer A.

Block #46 For Jennifer X.

The block is dedicated to another long lost friend. Jennifer X. was my first college buddy. We lived on the same floor and hung out all the time. She made me coffee in the morning before my early classes and her grandmother would send me care packages as if I was her own. We lost touch after I got married and moved away but I still think of her often.

Quick Funny Story

Jennifer had a long time boyfriend, they were high school sweethearts. Her parents did not approve and forbid her from seeing him. I didn’t know this until later but when we would go home for holidays, she would tell her parents she was going home with me. When in reality she was going home to her grandmother, with him. She even told her parents she had met a guy at school and was dating him to throw them off her tracks. When listening to the description of this fake boyfriend, I realized she was describing my fiancé (and later husband). She didn’t even change his name, where he was from or what he looked like. To this day, I cannot believe her grandmother was in on it. In the end, they got married, had babies and lived happily ever after (I hope). So I guess her family made peace with her choice in guys.

Date Made: February 14th, 2015  
Block #46
Days on Project: 46
Blocks Made: 50

For Jennifer X.

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