Hummingbird #45 – Happy Valentines Day

Block #45 For Jaykay

Block #45 For Jay Kay

Jay Kay was on my mind today, not only because Kristen mentioned her at lunch, but because my husband and I have had a tradition of getting crawfish on Valentines day. And every year, I get a text from Jay Kay in March or April reminding me that it is time to get some crawfish. So it went from Valentines–>Crawfish–>JayKay–>Bird

However, at 9 bucks a pound, we decided to wait until later in the season.

Quick Funny Story

So I have to admit, I had a little help with this one. I wanted to make this bird for her, my crawfish buddy, but I couldn’t think of a good funny story. So I texted Kristen to which she replied “Lamp Commander, Duh”. And I still couldn’t remember the whole story properly! So while this is a true story, I can’t promise I haven’t taken some poetic license due to my failing memory.

We met Jay Kay in that same church home team. One night we were playing with Clay’s newest toy, “The Lamp Commander”. The purpose behind this stroke of genius is that you could turn on a lap without touching it just by giving it a command. Clearly clapping to turn something on and off was just not good enough for the inventors of this fabulous device. You would plug your lamp into it and the clearly say “Lamp Commander” to get it’s attention and then “Lights On/Off”. We all took turns with this, but one person had some difficulty with the Lamp Commander. That sucker would not listen to Jay Kay for anything. Jay Kay had a very strong West Texas accent and the Lamp Commander was most likely a Yankee.

In preparation for this post, I looked it up. There is a youtube video for it. The main actor is a blind man who was complaining that he always had difficulty finding the light switch because he is blind. Now, his life is so much better because  he has The Lamp Commander. Huh?

Date Made: February 14th, 2015  
Block #45
Days on Project: 45
Blocks Made: 50

For Jay Kay

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