Hummingbird #50

Block #50 for Les S.

Block #50 for Les S.

I decided to keep going down the bosses route for this week. This bird is dedicated to my third boss at my current company. Les was my boss for less than a year right before he retired. He was a great boss. Les was the first person to convince me that I am an introvert. And, more importantly, that it was OK to be one. Les was into team building based on strengths and really understanding how we work based on our personalities. Past theories of around bettering yourself centered around  understanding your weaknesses and purposely striving to be stronger in those areas. This theory was the opposite. It focused on identifying your strengths and ensuring that the team you are working on has a good mix of different strengths. Do what you are good at, basically. I loved having these conversations with Les. I am a very task oriented person so I would rarely stop to think on these types of things. He had us go through a few different personality types of exercises and thanks to Les I now know the following about myself:

  • I am a black hat thinker
  • I am an influencer and an equalizer
  • I am a blue red
  • I am an introvert

Les is living the good life now. He retired, sold his house, car, everything and moved to the coast. I imagine he is traveling and living it up. We got him a years subscription to a beer of the month club so I would like to think we are helping out with that…

My husband picked these fabrics.

Date Made: February 19, 2015
Block #50
Days on Project: 50
Blocks Made: 52
Husband’s Picks: #18

For Les S.

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