Hummingbird #49

Block #50 for Larry Do.

Block #49 for Carl E.

Recognize this one? Yep it has finally happened. I gave up and used a test block as a real block. I had a bad day, an I would probably sew my finger to the bird if I tried to make a block tonight. So I am phoning it in….

Now, please don’t think this is any reflection on who it is dedicated to. It’s still a pretty cool looking bird. This one is dedicated to Carl E. Carl was my second boss at my current job. And I thought of him tonight because Carl is a car guy. The majority of the bad day today was me getting into an accident and messing up my car. I LOVE MY CAR. It was a splurge. It was pretty and fun to drive and now it is foo-barred. A few months ago his car baby was foo-barred as well. I just remember thinking when it happened, OMG I would be so sad. And now, I am… I will take it to get it fixed tomorrow and be in a rental for awhile. But I fear it will never be the same. Carl also helped me pick out this car. 😦

So, another thing about Carl, and why he really made the list, is that I am in awe of his mad skills. Not only can he do anything with a car, but he does all the things around his house that me and my husband would never try to do on our own. And… He does them well. And… He enjoys it. And… He saves a ton of money. If we tried to put in our own floors, for example, it would look awful, we would probably loose at least one finger, and by the end of it there would be more than a few tears shed. Then we would have to pay even more to have someone come in and fix it. Maybe we’re not that bad. Maybe it’s just the bad day talking…

And I would elaborate more on Carl’s skills, but my husband wants to go fill up the bird feeder. At 9:00. In the Dark. In the Cold. (FYI – He had a bad day too)


Date Made: December 28th, 2014  (being honest)
Block #49
Days on Project: 49
Blocks Made: 51

For Carl E.

4 thoughts on “Hummingbird #49

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your car. What a bummer! I totally get the having-a-bad-day-and-resorting-to-a-test-block feeling, though. There have been days when I’ve come home tired and late from work, and I felt like skipping the day’s entry. But then I thought of you and your dedication to your 365 days project, and I was inspired not to quit the daily streak and to keep going. So thank you– I really appreciate your posts. You are doing a fabulous job!

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