Hummingbird #53

Block #53 for Marie G.

Block #53 for Marie G.

This one goes to my realtor, Marie G. I will admit that in the middle of buying and selling last fall I would  not have given her a bird. Or more likely, I would have given her a different type of bird. But that would have been juvenile, so no, I guess I wouldn’t. Emotions run high when you are selling the home you have lived in for 14 years. It was tough. And while it seemed that it would never end (4 different contracts), we only showed our house for 3 days and closed almost exactly 30 days from the day we listed it. So props to her… Not too shabby. We are definitely having her over for dinner.

Marie actually helped us buy that house. And thinking back to those days, it still amazes me how far technology has evolved. And I’m in IT… When we bought our house, all of the contracts were signed in person. I remember her 18 year old daughter, Dusty, meeting me at work with contracts to sign with her very little brothers in tow. Flash forward 14 years, her daughter now works as her assistant remotely from an RV. They travel the country living wherever they please, as long as the internet connection is good. All the communication with Dusty is through email and phone calls and all the documents are signed electronically. And those little brothers, one of them is working for mom as well. He did our open house. And made me feel very very old.

Other Creative Things

I am SUPPOSED to be spending my weekends making birds so I don’t get too busy with work during the week and skip one. But, I have been knitting instead. I was determined to finish my first project and I did! Started a sock today – please kill me now..

Blocking My New Scarf

Blocking My New Scarf

My husband picked these fabrics.

Date Made: February 22, 2015
Block #53
Days on Project: 53
Blocks Made: 55
Husband’s Picks: #21

For Marie G.

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