Hummingbird #54

Block #54 For Rita B.

Block #54 For Rita B.

This one is dedicated to Rita B. The second Rita in the list! Today is Ms. Rita’s birthday. And this weekend was Rita’s wedding shower. So the “Ms” is about to become a “Mrs”. Rita is one of the managers on our team and one of the funnest people I know (yes, I said “funnest”, Kristen C.). At work she is serious, to the point and gets it done. But outside of work she is the life of the party.

I am so happy for you “Ms” Rita.

A Story I Am Probably Telling Wrong

When I found out Rita was engaged, I told her about another friend of mine who is dating someone. The similarities were pretty funny. They are about the same age and both of their mates were from the same county. OOO Twin Peaks Experience. I told Rita, “Well, it’s not exactly the same because they are just dating” and Rita says “For Christmas, she needs to put up a white tree. If she puts up a white Christmas Tree she will get engaged.” So here is where I think I could be making this up, because my memory is a bit fuzzy. Rita told me that she had a friend that swore by the “White Christmas Tree” theory and that everyone she had told to put up a white tree got engage or married the next year. I can’t even remember if Rita had a white tree but I remember this story. I’m not sure how we could test the validity of this theory. Maybe an online survey? I will say that I completely forgot to tell my friend to put up a white tree and she did not get engaged. So…

A Little About This Block
I am under the weather and having a very nice little pity party this evening. I have become a stereotype. I ate chocolate while sewing.

Date Made: February 23, 2015
Block #54
Days on Project: 54
Blocks Made: 56

For Rita B.

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