Hummingbird #57

Block #57 For Jenny K.

Block #57 For Jenny K.

We are going old-school tonight with this little guy. He is dedicated to Jenny K. There are at least 6 “Jennifer”s in my list and 2 of them are “Jennifer K”. Luckily, this one went by “Jenny”.

Jenny was one of my best friends in Jr. High and High School. Some of my fondest memories were of hanging out with her. From catching bugs at her grandma’s to walking down to the burger joint at lunch, we had a blast.

We both moved away. I moved a bit further and I had lost touch with her and most of my high school friends, until Facebook…There have been many times when I have been tempted to delete my Facebook account. Sometimes it feels wrong to watch peoples lives but not be in them. And all the time it feels like a colossal time-suck. But when I think about all the old high school buddies I have reconnected with, I have a hard time giving it up. And… where would all these birds go….

Date Made: February 26, 2015
Block #57
Days on Project: 57
Blocks Made: 59

For Jenny K.

2 thoughts on “Hummingbird #57

    • That is so funny. I was thinking the exact same thing as I was putting it together “Life was so much simpler then…” I almost put it in that post. Came home from work and was just worn out and so was J. I thought — “oh to be a kid again…”

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