Hummingbird #71

Block #70 for Kelley M.

Block #70 for Kelley M.

Tonight’s bird is dedicated to my friend and former co-worker Kelley M. I have a bunch of crafty, quilty, sewing friends and she is one of the coolest. She is a wiz with her embroidery machine and comes up with some of the neatest stuff. I have often been tempted to ask her to make my quilt labels. But I don’t really bring much to the table by way of trade.

Kelley made a comment on Facebook on one of these birds, she said “I wish I could just roll around in your stash”. That is why she gets this very cool bird and a confession…

While it is true I have bought only 5 new fabrics for these birds, they actually make my stash look bigger than it really is. Years and years ago, I decided that I could make The Colourful Quilt. It’s huge and I bought a kit for it from Patricia. It was a complete disaster and I busted up the kit which has about dozens of 4 inch strips, most of which are batiks. The majority of these birds have come from that one kit. So while my stash is pretty decent, I don’t need a whole separate room for it. Yet…

Date Made: March 14th, 2015
Block #71
Days on Project: 73
Blocks Made: 71

For Kelley M.

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