Hummingbird #77

Block #77 For Carrie M.

Block #77 For Carrie M.

Carrie M. was the office manager at one of my previous jobs. She helped me at one of the most critical and chaotic moments of my life. Not to get into too many details. But my husband used to work off shore, one time he was on his way out (as in – on a helicopter) and I was on the road into work from an appointment. I got a phone call. His dad was in the hospital and it was critical. I needed to find a way to get him off back on land ASAP. I freaked out. I pulled over, couldn’t get ahold of anybody, didn’t know who to call at his work. So I called my work to tell them what was going on. Carrie picked up the line and all I told her was my husbands name and the company he worked for. Ten minutes and many tears later she called me. She got ahold of his boss and he was to be on the next helicopter back in. Some people are in your life at just the right moments. And I will never forget that moment. That was the last time my husband ever went off shore.

Sorry for the sad story. When thinking about what to say for her bird, there was no other story I could tell. She was my lifeline that day.

Date Made: March 21st, 2015
Block #77
Days on Project: 81
Blocks Made: 80

For Carrie M.

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