Hummingbird #76

Block #76 for Angie R.

Block #76 for Angie R.

Angie is the wife of Erik, who received a bird earlier. But ironically, I met both of them separately before they knew each other. Friends of friends sort of thing… Regardless, Angie and Erik are perfect for each other. Basically, he’s nuts and she gets him. I told a story of Erik’s 40th birthday party and how crazy it was for his bird. She was responsible for almost all of the craziness. They are a fun couple and we miss hanging out with them.

Angie and I used to shop together, I hated shopping and I could tell she wasn’t the biggest fan of that activity either. But when she did go shopping… she was freakin’ serious about it. I remember going to the outlet mall with her and in one store I was done after about 10 minutes. I spent the next hour sitting in a very comfy chair reading a book on my phone and holding the growing mountain of clothes she had picked out. Strangely enough, we were pretty well matched shopping buddies. We each knew what we wanted and the goal was to get in and out of there. Her list on that day was just a bit longer than mine…

About the birds:

Today I reinstated the bird factory. Each bird typically takes 45 minutes. I thought, let’s streamline this process and see if I can gain some efficiencies. I made 5 birds in 3 hours. That is again of only one bird if I did the math right. smh…

Date Made: March 21st, 2015
Block #76
Days on Project: 80
Blocks Made: 80

For Angie R.

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