The yarn of it all…

I’ve been on a bit of a yarn kick lately, so much so, I should rename this blog “paulasuebuysyarn”. I’ve used some of it….

I guess I have been lured in by the quickness of crochet projects. There is nothing more satisfying than finishing something. I finished this infinity scarf!

I was pretty excited to finally make something for myself only to find out later that I had made the perfect “Texas Tech” scarf.ย That’s the problem with living here; you can’t wear red, orange or maroon without aggravating somebody. I’ve never understood this fierce allegiance to the place that took all your money. My main objective while in college was to get out of college…. and get a job…so this pretty will likely go to one of my tech friends.


I have also been working on scarves for the 2017 Special Olympics Winter Games. Great colors this year: cranberry, ivory and grey. Scarves 1-3:


And finally…. I present to you “Franken-Blanket”. The quilter in me cannot resist scrappy things so I decided to take all of my scrap yarn and make a scrappy afghan. Truth be told, I had very little scrap yarn so a lot of this is new. I let the hubs pick out new yarn each weekend and my momma send me yarn ๐Ÿ™‚


Good Bye 2015 and Good Bye to the Hummingbirds…

Hello All!

I know it has been three months since my last post. 2015 was tough, especially the end of it. I am not sad to see it in my rear view mirror. And strangely, I have several friends that feel the exact same way. But its done… The hummingbirds are also done, after 100 birds I lost steam and it just wasn’t fun anymore. So I am calling it. I have plenty for a really nice size wall hanging and I ended it with my grandmother’s block which makes me happy. My new goal is to get them all set and over to Karen for quilting before the end of the year.

Even though I haven’t been blogging I have been busy making things. Here is a tour of the last couple months:

I made this bag for my mother-in-law with a new batting/stabilizing product called “Annie’s Soft and Stable”. It was amazing. The bag is sturdy, holds its shape and stands nicely with no interfacing, no Pellon, no batting; nothing but this new product that is basically a sturdy batting with fabric on both sides. Got her some yarn too ๐Ÿ˜‰

IMG_4872 IMG_4875

I was in desperate need of yarn and the very nice ladies that own an alpaca farm near my parents opened up the shop for me over the holiday. And I got to meet this guy (and 20 of his friends).

IMG_4983 IMG_4988

And lastly, I have spent the last half of this month making scarves for the 2016 Special Olympics Winter Games. Each year the Special Olympics presents every athlete that participates in the winter games with a scarf (I just found out about this). There is a call out to knitters and crocheters in each state to make scarves. Each state picks a different color scheme each year and the guidelines are pretty broad. I would encourage you to get involved and make a couple scarves for these kids. I decided to crochet because I am a very slow knitter but I did try to mix it up pattern-wise.


I hope you all have an awesome 2016! I’ll be posting, probably not as frequently but I will be back.

Paula Sue