Good Bye 2015 and Good Bye to the Hummingbirds…

Hello All!

I know it has been three months since my last post. 2015 was tough, especially the end of it. I am not sad to see it in my rear view mirror. And strangely, I have several friends that feel the exact same way. But its done… The hummingbirds are also done, after 100 birds I lost steam and it just wasn’t fun anymore. So I am calling it. I have plenty for a really nice size wall hanging and I ended it with my grandmother’s block which makes me happy. My new goal is to get them all set and over to Karen for quilting before the end of the year.

Even though I haven’t been blogging I have been busy making things. Here is a tour of the last couple months:

I made this bag for my mother-in-law with a new batting/stabilizing product called “Annie’s Soft and Stable”. It was amazing. The bag is sturdy, holds its shape and stands nicely with no interfacing, no Pellon, no batting; nothing but this new product that is basically a sturdy batting with fabric on both sides. Got her some yarn too 😉

IMG_4872 IMG_4875

I was in desperate need of yarn and the very nice ladies that own an alpaca farm near my parents opened up the shop for me over the holiday. And I got to meet this guy (and 20 of his friends).

IMG_4983 IMG_4988

And lastly, I have spent the last half of this month making scarves for the 2016 Special Olympics Winter Games. Each year the Special Olympics presents every athlete that participates in the winter games with a scarf (I just found out about this). There is a call out to knitters and crocheters in each state to make scarves. Each state picks a different color scheme each year and the guidelines are pretty broad. I would encourage you to get involved and make a couple scarves for these kids. I decided to crochet because I am a very slow knitter but I did try to mix it up pattern-wise.


I hope you all have an awesome 2016! I’ll be posting, probably not as frequently but I will be back.

Paula Sue

Hello There…

Sock #5 - I know it looks weird but it's for my husband's big 'ol feet. LOL

Sock #5 – I know it looks weird but it’s for my husband’s big ‘ol feet. LOL

A fellow blogger reminded me that it has been a very long time since my last post. Unfortunately, I didn’t see her message until 20 days after she sent it. So I feel like a complete and total heel. Life has been crazy, but that is no excuse. I felt bad the first time I missed a bird, but when you miss 10 in a row, the 11th is nothing. Life has gotten in the way or sewing and knitting and I miss it. I can’t even live in denial – there is electronic proof on my site that I haven’t made a post since April 27th. More than a month…

I walked into my sewing room last night, saw the mess and promptly walked right back out. Last time I was in there I tore it up looking for some fun buttons for Kristen. Never found them, but the mess remains.

So can only leave you with a sock i finished about a week ago. Sock #5. Thank you FC5 for turning me on to knitting and giving me a kick in the pants to get back on it.


My first pattern. I may not do patterns again…



Twisted my ankle bad today. I wish I could tell you I did it while participating in something cool like extreme frisbee, but I can’t. I was just walking in my garage. So no sewing as I have been relegated to the couch. I did make progress on some knitting though:

This is my “ridin’ in the car” project. It will be an infinity scarf I think.  The owner of my yarn store explained that she was making this scarf when I bought the yarn for socks. I’m following her instructions, knitting in the round. Here’s hoping it’s supposed to be double layered.

This is sock #4 I’m not sure a striped yarn is the best choice for my first attempt at a pattern. 

 This is the back, interestingly enough, this is the same yarn as the scarf, just a different color way.


New Sock Started


No birds tonight, just socks and shopping for humidifiers  online. I know spring is a happy time for most but I’m not one of those people. At least tommorrow is my Friday! I can’t wait until my day off! I plan on braving the pollen to go to the yarn store.

Socks instead of birds

Sock #1

Sock #1 (Husband’s Foot)

Still sick and pathetic. However, a long wait at the doctors office lead to serious sock progress. And now there is no progress on anything. I can’t believe I lasted until March without missing a bird. But now I have missed two and that is unfortunate. I need one healthy day on a weekend to just sit and sew.

I have been in two separate locations where knitting has lead to strangers striking up conversations with me. Getting my taxes done on Saturday and then the doctors yesterday. I never remember crochet being this intriguing to others. I think it’s the circular needles. Unfortunately, I am no where near good enough to talk and knit at the same time. I have a rescue crochet hook just for the times when I get way too interested in a TV show.


No Birdie Tonight…

Well the cold that I have been battling for the last week has finally got the best of me and there will be no birdie tonight. I promise to make it up. In fact, I as soon as I am better I intend on making several up for moments just like this. So instead of giving you the bird tonight, I will give you a foot:



Who starts a blog and then doesn’t actually blog?

Me, thats who!

“Beautiful Girls” Quilts

I have been very busy over the last month working on two quilts for by precious cousins who were both hurt in an accident. The quilt below was made for Reagan. She and her sister Allie were in the accident and while Reagan is healing quickly, Allie’s has a longer road ahead of her. The girls are very close in age and I am making both of them quilts in hopes that it will provide some comfort. This is the absolute happiest fabric in my collection, I have had it for years. Allie’s quilt is about half way there.

It is a string quilt done as a “quilt as you go”. The joining of the blocks was interesting. Didn’t go exactly as I had wanted. Hoping I can apply some lessons learned to Allie’s.

Reagan's Quilt

Reagan’s Quilt

30 Week Wonder & More Pineapples

Before I got started on the girls quilt I did get block 8 done of the 30 week wonder. However, I am now 3 blocks behind! I have at 19 weeks to get back on track, so all is well. I had also tried a new pineapple block ruler/technique and this is my favorite, by far! I will write a big blog about pineapple blocks after I take a class at festival this year.

Block 8

Block 8

Pineapple Block using Creative Grids pineapple trim tool.

Pineapple Block using Creative Grids Pineapple Trim Tool

Until Next Time!

– Paula Sue