Hummingbird #2

For Mom

For Mom

Another one bites the dust…

I dedicate this second block to my mother. I had a hard time writing this post. I love my mother and she is wonderful. I could tell you about how she can cook, sew or make just about anything, how she took care of me while I was sick, how she is my biggest fan and loves me no matter what. But, I imagine this is true of most mothers. So what can I write that you don’t already know?

She passed those mad skills down to me (aside from the cooking). She also passed down some personality traits as well. Like her, I am fiercely independent and a bit stubborn. Admittedly, I am decidedly more stubborn than she is (I find these things only intensify through the generations). So when mom taught me how to sew and bought me my own sewing machine, she knew I wouldn’t listen to anyone trying to tell me how to do something and just gave me the manual. If it weren’t for my parents encouraging this independent streak of mine, I probably wouldn’t be where I am today. They taught me to think and learn for myself. They encouraged my creative spirit but let me make my own path.

Love you mom.

January 2, 2015
Block #2
Days on Project 2 
Blocks Made 2
Quilts Mom Already Has: None (Can you believe that?? How did that happen??)

For Mom

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