Hummingbird #1

Block #1 For Maimie

Block #1 For Maimie

Why does everything have to be so hard…

Today is the first day on this project and it almost didn’t happen. At 9:00pm last night we lost power to my temporary sewing room, and I wrecked my back so bad early this week I can barely sew. But I did it anyway. After all this fuss, I certainly couldn’t miss the first day.

So today, I dedicate this block to Maimie. Maimie is my co-worker, friend and fellow quilter. From what I can tell, she has quite the stash (way more impressive than mine) and helped me out earlier this year by giving me the perfect fabric for a last minute quilt for my nephew who made a pretty sudden, unexpected arrival. I could not have done it with out her!

I call Maimie “The Finisher”. She finishes everything and has finished more projects than I have started. I, on the other hand, have more than a dozen projects that have never been finished (otherwise known as “UFOs”. This is for her, in hopes that by dedicating this first one to her, it will inspire me to finish this project and use 2015 to finish a few other projects as well.

Today was my first real test. I could have thrown myself a pity party and parked my butt in front of the TV, but I got up and got something done.

January 1, 2015
Block #1
Days on Project 1 (One Long Day…)
Blocks Made 1
For Maimie

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