Hummingbird #3

For Brittany

For Brittany

This block is dedicated to my cousin Brittany. She is having a baby TODAY! And in honor of her, and for good luck, she is getting a bird.

Brittany is a wonderful person, beautiful inside and out. She is going to make a great mother and we could not be more excited for her.

Happy Baby, Brittany!

Thoughts on This Project

This isn’t exactly my first rodeo; I have paper pieced many times so I am mostly just frustrated that each bird is taking an hour. But today’s bird was even more difficult. Maybe its because it is dedicated to a woman that is currently in labor. Maybe…

Lesson learned for today: If you are printing your foundation  paper with your inkjet printer, double check that is it printing at full size and is not scaling. UHG. So this little birdie is, in fact, little. But it still counts…

January 3, 2015
Block #3
Days on Project 3
Blocks Made 3

For Brittany

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