Hummingbird #4


Block #4 For Dad

This block is dedicated to my Dad. He has the flu and I am worried about him. Sending prayers and thoughts to you Dad. Love you.

Dad is just as creative as my Mom. My parents owned a flower shop/bakery combo and thanks to them, I can make a bow better than anyone I know (including dad ;-)). I also know a lot more about house plants and flowers than anyone in IT should.  Several years ago, my parents sold their shop and moved away from our home town. I think it has had a couple of owners since, but it still bears his name. The current owners seem very nice and have named the shop dog after my dad. The story goes: they got so tired of people coming in and asking for Dad, that they got a dog, named it after him and now when people ask to see Andy, they point to the dog.

What I want to know is why I was never allowed to have a shop dog when I worked there. Seems a bit unfair.

Thoughts on This Project

I am struggling on how to photograph these guys consistently. I am almost ready to break out the tripod. Almost…

January 4, 2015
Block #4
Days on Project: 4
Blocks Made: 4
Quilts Dad already has: 1 Snuggly Rag Quilt

For Dad

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