Hummingbird #37

Block #36 For Cullen

Block #37 For Cullen

This block is dedicated to Cullen. He is a great project manager and a great person. We were briefly on the same team and I learned so much from him during those few months. Mostly, I learned how to play nice with others.

Cullen used to live out in the country (I think) and he always had great stories and pictures of the critters he trapped. He hung them up in his cube. I always thought of them as the closest thing you could get to mounting a dear on your wall in the office. Instead of a big buck, he had possums and raccoons on display in all their ugly glory.

To Cullen – may you have far less of an issue with wildlife where you live now.

My husband picked these fabrics.

Date Made: February 1st, 2015  
Block #37
Days on Project: 37
Blocks Made: 40
Husband’s Picks: #16

For Cullen

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