Hummingbird #10


Block #10 for Teresa R.

This block is dedicated to my good friend and former neighbor Teresa. We miss her and her puppies so much. We miss all of our neighbors actually. Our last neighborhood was pretty active. There was always someone out walking a dog, chatting in the cul-de-sac, gardening… This new neighborhood is extremely quiet, which for the most part is good. And we love our new house and its proximity to other close friends of ours. But, we really miss all of our neighbors and friends, Teresa especially. We don’t live that far away from each other and we still get to see each other, but life is a little less exciting without getting daily kisses from Ms. Morgan (Teresa’s “puppy”).

Thoughts on this block and the process:

Its only fitting that I do a bunny block today. Last night we captured our very first critter (that was not already ours) on our trail camera. A bunny in the flower bed!

Today was my 10th block and by far the most difficult to do. Not because it went together poorly; it took an hour just like the rest of them. But today, my motivation was at an all time low. I had already used a cheater block yesterday and it didn’t seem right to do it again. After working and cleaning all day, I had no interest in sewing whatsoever. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be out of this “funk”.

January 10, 2015
Block #10
Days on Project: 10
Blocks Made: 10

For Teresa R.

5 thoughts on “Hummingbird #10

  1. If it’s any encouragement, I’m loving seeing each of these blocks as you make them! I also like the way you’re dedicating each of them, it’s really cool. How many blocks do you need altogether?

  2. Don’t beat yourself up if you need to walk away for a day or two! I do ! I find I do better work that way. Some quilt tops are more tedious , while fun one can’t sew them together like a quick 4 patch. Love the story with each one!! The blocks all look great!!

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