Hummingbird #87

Block #97 for Valerie P.

Block #87 for Valerie

Tonight’s bird is dedicated to Valerie, one of my buddies I hung out with “back-in-the-day”. The thing I loved about hanging out with Valerie, Cathy and Stephanie was that when we left work, we left work! We went to lunch or dinner and rarely talked about work. It was the only time in my career I can say I was able to do that. Even now, when I go to lunch with my co-workers we mostly talk or gripe about work. It’s good to get out, but when I get back to my desk I rarely feel refreshed.

These guys got me one the best gifts when I left that job. They got me a “Darth Tater” and the tater has traveled with me through every job and cubicle move. Occasionally, I will come back to my desk and find it mutilated with an arm sticking up out of the top of his head or it’s eyes where it’s mouth should be. I never know who the culprit is but, obviously, I am not the only person who likes that tater.

Date Made: April 4th, 2015
Block #87
Days on Project: 94
Blocks Made: 87

For Valerie

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