Hummingbird #11


Block #11 For Erik R.

This block is dedicated to my friend and former co-worker Erik R. Erik is hilarious. I have so many stories, it’s seriously hard to pick just one. But we will go with Erik’s 40th birthday because it is actually two stories in one.

You need a little bit of background here: Erik’s family is just as crazy as he is. He had a classic “over-the-hill” party complete with a coffin, graveyard cake, blacked-out windows, wheelchairs and a lot of Depends. We also had a few special guests: an Elvis impersonator (his niece), a grim reaper, and a guy dressed up in a pink bunny outfit with a shot gun – who then chased him around the house. The story goes (I hope this is the story, it’s been awhile)…

One year, Erik cooked Easter dinner for his family. He felt it only appropriate to serve rabbit. Like I said, he’s pretty funny. So the Easter Bunny there to get revenge. Bwah ha ha…

Thoughts on the blocks:

I tried to make 3 today at one time. I only saved 30 minutes. meh.

January 11, 2015
Block #11
Days on Project: 11
Blocks Made: 11

For Erik R.

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