Hummingbird #13

Block #13 For Mickey

Block #13 For Mickey

So… I am writing this post before the bird is even done, it is sitting here beside me in pieces. But before  I start into stories about this very special person. Let me just say… these birds are not in order of the importance of people in my life. Just be patient, you will get a bird. I promise.

Mickey is my best friend (apart from my husband who, let me point out, also doesn’t have a bird yet). I met Mickey in college when we were in a sociology class together and got sorted into the same group activity. He loves to tell the story of how I stereotyped him as a “thug” because of his long hair and baggy pants.  After hanging out with him at school, I realized he was a pretty good guy and that “thug” and I became good friends, then best friends, and now we are family. I don’t really want to say “he is the closet thing I have to a brother” because that really isn’t right. He is my brother. I love him and his family as much as I love my family and my life would be seriously boring without him. I couldn’t tell you very many stories about him without risking self incrimination. So I will just leave you with this very short sweet one:

I am not really sure how to say this in a politically correct way, but Mickey and I are two different ethnicities. As his kids are growing up, they are starting to realize that Aunt Paula and Uncle Jason don’t exactly look like the rest of the family. One day, his daughter asked his wife “Mommy, are Uncle Jason and Aunt Paula from Daddy’s side of the family”….Yup.

January 13, 2015
Block #13
Days on Project: 13
Blocks Made: 13

For Mickey

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