Hummingbird #14

Block #14 For My Husband

Block #14 For My Husband

This one is for the hubs. His birthday is coming up so I let him pick his colors. This one is, hands down, my favorite bird. The picture does not do it justice.

My husband and I have been married for a long time, and throughout our entire marriage he has had to put up with my time consuming and wallet emptying hobby. He has been a real trooper. He takes great pride in using terms like “fussy cut” appropriately and loves to wear his “She Quilts, I Cook” t-shirt. One year for valentines day he remembered that I said I wanted a light box so he went down to the quilt shop and the ladies helped him pick it out for me and even gave him my discount. He puts up with countless trips to quilt shops and only really complains when they don’t have a comfy chair for him to sit in.

He is as good to everyone else as he is to me. In our old neighborhood, there was not one person who didn’t now his name. He rescued dogs from storm drains, helped people with their yard work, and walked our neighbors’ dogs when she wasn’t feeling well. Everyone loves him, including me.

Date Made: January 4, 2015  **
Block #14
Days on Project: 14
Blocks Made: 20 **

** I’m coming clean about my pre-made blocks. Turns out, I can’t actually sew for an hour everyday. Most of the magic happens on the weekends.

For My Husband

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