Hummingbird #15


Block #15 for Rita R.

This block is for Rita R. She is my best friend’s wife (See Block #13) and I credit her for turning someone who was my little brother into my big brother. I remember a time when I thought of Mickey as my kid brother. I was the older, wiser one… (Yeah, I know I’m full of it)

But now, honestly, he is a big brother to me. I am constantly going to him for advice whether it’s about cars, houses, or work, he’s my first call. I don’t always listen.

But this is about Rita… Rita is pretty awesome and extremely smart, I loaned her a sewing machine and she taught herself to sew and made curtains for her whole house. I can’t even do that.

But mostly, I am in awe of how much the two of them juggle, both working full time and still managing to find quality time with their kids everyday. Rita is a great mom I want to be that kind of parent one day. I have been blessed with so many examples of exemplary parents in my life. When it’s my turn, I hope I have learned something along the way.

Date Made: January 12, 2015  
Block #15
Days on Project: 15
Blocks Made: 20

For Rita R.

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