Hummingbird #16

Block #16 For Rose

Block #16 For My Mother-In-Law

This block is for my mother-in-law. She is retiring this year, and I am amazed that she has worked for as long as she has. She looks a good 10-15 years younger than she actually is, and has more energy than me. I hope my husband ages as well as his mom has, because I know I am lost cause. Ha!

My mother-in-law is also the perfect house guest. When she comes down for a visit she is here to chill out. She is happy to get out and do things but she is just as happy to hang out at the house and watch TV. You have no idea how amazing it is when you have worked a 10 hour day and you know there is no need to plan a fun exciting evening when you get home. The only complaint I have, is that she never stays very long. Maybe its because she holds to the old adage: “Both fish and houseguests go bad after about 3 days…”

Date Made: January 11, 2015  
Block #16
Days on Project: 16
Blocks Made: 20

For My Mother-In-Law

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