Hummingbird #22

Block #22 For Clay C.

Block #22 For Clay C.

Clay is Kristen’s (Block 21) husband. Clay has taught us many things, like the importance of “purging” and how to install a light fixtures. He is pretty handy, and I can say that his friendship is the hardest one not to abuse. Especially since he lives just around the corner.

Clay and I share a fondness for sci-fi movies and TV shows. And Kristen and my husband share a love for gardening. I am pretty sure that Clay and I have influenced our spouses as they actually want to see movies with us but, unfortunately, I don’t think it’s a two way street. I don’t think either one of us gets overly excited about picking out plants. If I’m wrong… I will print a retraction.


My husband helped pick out the fabric for this one. And the next 8 or 9 birds will be 100% his choices in fabric with very little guidance from me. This note is not only giving him credit but it shall serve as disclaimer for me…

Date Made: January 22, 2015  
Block #22
Days on Project: 22
Blocks Made: 25

For Clay C.

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