Hummingbird #21

Block #21 For Kristen C.

Block #21 For Kristen C.

I thought long and hard about what I would write in this post. These are the hardest; the people who know you the best are always the hardest to write about. It’s all either way too personal to put online or there are just way too many funny stories to pick from. That could be why it took me until block #21 to pluck up the courage and dedicate one to Kristen. I have known Kristen for a little over 10 years, but sometimes it feels like I have known her my whole life.

We met in a church home team and now we live less than 5 minutes from each other. Or as Kristen would put it “A brisk 10 minute walk”. Kristen is special to me because she brings light and laughter into my life. We might not agree on movies and the proper applications of hot glue but we have fun. And we have known each other long enough now that we end up retelling the same funny stories at get togethers.

Last year I ended up in the ER and then went straight from there to the OR for an emergency surgery. Once I got home the next day, I texted a few friends just to let them know what happened. Within 5 minutes of getting my text Kristen was knocking on my door. I have never felt more loved than I did in that moment.

Date Made: January 21, 2015  
Block #21
Days on Project: 21
Blocks Made: 24

For Kristen C.

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