Hummingbird #29

Block #29 For Mike N. (Tapeworm)

Block #29 For Mike N. (Tapeworm)

This block is dedicated to Mike N. Early last year, my bosses boss declared Mike N. to be my “work husband” after hearing the story below. And I have to admit, he is. We hang out at work, go to lunch together, look out for each other, get each other’s advice on things (mine is typically more useful than his). He also falls into the week of “These people know too much “stuff” on me so I better get their bird knocked out”. He is not the first work husband I have had, but hopefully he is the last.

And the story goes….

One day Mike, me and another co-worker of mine were at lunch at a vietnamese restaurant. I was feeling horrible: snotty, coughing, sweaty gross (sorry but you really need a visual for this). I ate all the meat in my noodle dish and didn’t each much of the noodles. Mike looks at me and says “You’re not going to finish that??” in an accusatory tone.

Me: “No”

Mike: “Well give it here”

Me: “No you really don’t want to do that, I am really sick”

Mike: “I don’t care, I never get sick, I’m immune to ebola”

Me and our other co-worker were so shocked when he started eating it we both started laughing so hard I nearly feel out of my chair. It was freakin’ hilarious. However, as we have gone out to lunch with others, I have realized that I’m not that special.There is a reason Kendra R. (Bird 27) nick-named him tapeworm…  To his credit, the ebola statement was made before the outbreak happened.

My husband picked these fabrics.

Date Made: January 29, 2015  
Block #29
Days on Project: 29
Blocks Made: 32
Husband’s Picks: #8

For Mike N. (Tapeworm)

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