Hummingbird #30


Block #30 For Cathy J.

This block is for my former neighbor Cathy J. We love our new house but we miss all of our colorful neighbors. Cathy was a wonderful neighbor and she has the best dog, Wags. Wags was found by another neighbor in a very hot parking garage. Someone just left him there as a puppy to get rid of him. He bounced around through a few neighbors yards until one was found who would keep him. We think wags is a mix of a lab and basset. He is low to the ground and has a little extra around the middle (don’t we all…). When Wags smiles, he bears all of his teeth, he looks like he has just smelled something awful or he is about to bite your hand off. My husband has nick named him “Mr. Teeth”.

My old neighborhood was the kind of place where you knew the dog names more so than the people names. So our girls had plenty of play dates and friends. They also got plenty of attention from other humans on our walks as well. While they have an enormous yard to play in at our new house, frankly, they seem a little bored just hanging out with us.

My husband picked these fabrics.

Date Made: January 30, 2015  
Block #30
Days on Project: 30
Blocks Made: 33
Husband’s Picks: #9

For Cathy J.

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