Hummingbird #31

Block #23 For Keisha X

Block #31 For Keisha X

When we first moved down here we left all of our family and friends thousands of miles away. We were alone and pretty soon after my husband’s job took him out of the country and I was truly alone. In those first few weeks, I got very lucky. The neighbors just across the hall from us were super nice and took us in. We had an instant group of friends and a church to go to. In truth, I don’t know any of those people anymore, it’s probably been 15 years since we have seen or heard from them. I often wonder how they are and where they are.

Keisha was that neighbor. I was always volunteering to help her out with baby showers, wedding showers, moving people…  One day, Keisha says to me “You are such a servant”. This was meant as a compliment, a testament to my faith. I, being young and immature, didn’t take it that way. I was infuriated. I was a strong, independent woman! I was no servant! How dare she! 15 years later, I get it and I hope that I can live up to that colossal compliment one day.

There are some moments in life that just stick with you…

First Month of Birds – In the Books!

I have quickly realized, sewing a bird a day is not going to work. It is just not practical. There is a reason my Christmas tree is still up. (at least I took the ornaments off). I started thinking about it and I would never make a quilt this way, sewing one 4 inch block a night. I would spend a day on the weekend sewing 10 or 20. So that is what I am going to do. Tomorrow I am going to set up the BIRD FACTORY. I will still post one a night, but the goal is to churn through a bunch on the weekend. I am also hoping to realize some efficiencies in the process. There is no way I can chain piece with foundation piecing but I can try to assembly line them. We shall see…

My husband picked these fabrics.

Date Made: January 31, 2015  
Block #31
Days on Project: 31
Blocks Made: 34
Husband’s Picks: #10

For Keisha X.

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