Hummingbird #41

Block #41 For Angela

Block #41 For Angela

I am sure that if someone with an advanced degree in some sort of behavioral science is reading this blog with any regularity, they would tell you that I am an only child. Angela and her siblings were the closest thing I had to sisters and brothers growing up. We rode our bikes together down to the corner store for candy, we were in the same car pool, we got grounded together, we played together. When we played school, which was all the time, Angela always had to be the teacher. In fact, I am pretty sure if we still lived in the same town she would still be bossing me around. 🙂

I miss Angela terribly. I would love to sit on my porch and gab with her over a cup of coffee but we are a thousand miles apart. We chat on Facebook and I got to see her a few years back when I drove through her town, but its not the same.

A Short Story

A few years ago, Angela and her mom confessed to me that they had nicknamed me “Iola” after the character from Momma’s Family. They lived right next door and I always managed to show up around dinner time. And they always let me eat. Don’t get me wrong, my parents fed me regularly. My mom and Dad are both pretty amazing cooks. But I was a kid and they had the good stuff next door! They were 100% justified in calling me that. I was a pain.

Date Made: February 10th, 2015  
Block #41
Days on Project: 41
Blocks Made: 44

For Angela

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