Hummingbird #48

Block #47 for David S.

Block #48 for David S.

This block is dedicated to David S. David was my first boss at my current job and he is also an excellent photographer. I had the opportunity to travel with him a couple times and he made me better photographer as well. He might not have approved of my camera choice but he did teach me quite a bit.

David goes on a lot of photography trips and I am extremely jealous of how well traveled he is. I have a “David Scarbrough” original from Iceland and I love it. In our last house we had it hanging in the dining room and in this house we will have it over the fireplace.

Fireplace Photo

And… I already have my eye on another one for the house…

Check out the rest of his photos here:

David’s Galleries

Date Made: February 17th, 2015  
Block #48
Days on Project: 48
Blocks Made: 51

For David S.

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