Hummingbird #55

For Karen S.

Block #55 For Karen S.

Karen S. is one of my quilting mentors. I met her at the same now defunct appliqué bee that I mentioned in a previous post. She lets me email her with questions and always gives me good advice.

She is an amazing long arm quilter and has quilted 3 of my more special quilts. You know when you make something and you stand back and look at it and think “whoa – this kinda rocks” and you are immediately afraid you are going to screw it up in the quilting? That’s when I call Karen. I trust her completely and I don’t usually even make a suggestion on the quilting. I just let her do what ever she wants. And it always turns out amazing.

Here are my quilts that she has quilted:

Riley's Quilt

Riley’s Quilt

Luc's Quilt Detail

Luc’s Quilt Detail

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

Date Made: February 24, 2015
Block #55
Days on Project: 55
Blocks Made: 57

For Karen S.

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