Hummingbird #59

Block #59 For Lori P.

Block #59 For Lori P.

So… I did it again. I am using a test bird. This is the last one that I will use as the other one I have is a fabric repeat. Why am I using a testing bird? Well, I am not feeling well, but despite that, I sat down and made a bird. Then before I sewed the three sections together, I noticed that I had sewn a scrap into a seam in the very middle of the biggest section. I had already pulled the paper off. For those of you who understand paper pricing, you know this was an unrecoverable error. What is frustrating is that it was the second time I did it. I found the first one earlier and was able to fix it. So… keep your workspace clean or you will screw up and be sad. Like me.

Lori is my pet sitter. When we moved to the burbs we had no clue how we were going to manage working so far from home with our pups. Lori comes in once a day and lets them out and we are very grateful to have her. Thank you Angie’s List!!

A Funny Story

Each day Lori comes in she signs a book to let us know she was there. It is our main way of communicating with her. In the beginning her notes were fairly verbose. Now, it’s usually just the date, a check mark and her name. We indulged in some easter candy and I left 2 candies on the book for her. She didn’t take them and she didn’t comment. I came home and saw them still there and I was hungry, so I ate one. (yes just like Forest “I ate some…”). I left the last one on her book. The next night I see this:

“2/24 Are you trying to tempt me? Lori” with an arrow drawn, pointed at the last candy.

My Response

“2/24 Yes. Do It.”

The next night, the candy was gone. Her Response:

“2/25 I did. LOL”

Date Made: February 28, 2015
Block #59
Days on Project: 59
Blocks Made: 60

For Lori P.

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