Hummingbird #62

Block #62 for Rick J.

Block #62 for Rick J.

This one is dedicated to my current boss Rick J. He gets a block tonight for two reasons. #1 He gave me some pretty good news today. #2 He got me a new laptop. I love my new laptop, we have only been together a few hours but I know it is going to be a wonderful relationship. I have even named him, “Bubba”.

The Thing About Rick

Obviously, he is an awesome boss (recall items #1 and #2). But he also puts up with me on a daily basis and never gives me any crap. I like that in a boss. He has been my boss for a little less than a year so I don’t know a lot about him other than he has a freakin’ cool car, comes from a big family, and he is very chill. One day a group of us were at lunch, one of the guys at the table looks up and says “So Rick, do you have any hobbies?” It was the strangest question, especially coming from one dude to another dude. Rick just looks up and says “Scotch”. Since of humor… check.

Date Made: March 3rd, 2015
Block #62
Days on Project: 62
Blocks Made: 62

For Rick J.

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