Hummingbird #63

Block #63 for Dung

Block #63 for Dung

Tonight’s bird is dedicated to my friend and co-worker Dung. He is on my mind tonight as I have a trunk full of diapers with his name on them.

Super Powers

If Dung had a super hero name, it would be “Marathon Man”. Dung has committed to running 5 marathons a year for 10 years and he is about half way through. You just said “Oh My God” out loud, didn’t you? So, let me blow your mind (if it’s not already). He is also an Iron Man. He completes one a year. And, he doesn’t count them in his marathon count. Crazy, right?

Well… If he can do that, surely I can continue to sit on my butt making birds for the rest of this year.

Date Made: March 4th, 2015
Block #63
Days on Project: 63
Blocks Made: 63

For Dung

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