Hummingbird #64

Block #64 For Stephanie E.

Block #64 For Stephanie E.

Tonight’s bird is dedicated to my former boss and friend Stephanie E. Stephanie was a great boss and an even better friend. I worked for Stephanie several years ago and at the time it was about 74 miles and 1 hour from my house. When I took that job, all of my friends were just waiting to see when the drive would be too much. Although it was a great place to work and I loved my co-workers, I lasted just under 2 years.

Ironically, I now work about 34 miles and 1 hour from home. Since I moved, I can see my current co-workers are looking at me with that same suspicious look in their eyes… the look that says “how long do you think she has?”. All I can say is, please stop asking how my drive is. It’s getting old (the question, not the drive).

Fun Times

When I worked on Stephanie’s team, each year we would have a Christmas party at a restaurant and the most exciting white elephant I have ever participated in. And in this one, the gifts were good. I got the coolest Cow cookie jar at one of those parties. It was the present Stephanie brought and I still have it. I think of her very often as I see that little guy every day. My husband hates it. I think he was secretly hoping it wouldn’t survive the move. I think I used an entire box of bubble wrap on it because it is my most favorite thing in the kitchen.

My Cow

My Cow

Date Made: March 5th, 2015
Block #64
Days on Project: 64
Blocks Made: 64

For Stephanie E.

2 thoughts on “Hummingbird #64

  1. the colours are gorgeous on the hummingbird. And the cow is great too – I’m glad it survived the move – its always good to have something light-hearted 🙂

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