Hummingbird #65

Block #65 for Aunt Wilma

Block #65 for Aunt Wilma

You may or may not have noticed, I haven’t done a lot of family birds. There are several reasons for this, mainly, it’s been a tough couple years for my family and I am just not ready to tell that story. But not telling it and just doing something fluffy feels wrong as well. So I’m going to do it, but not tonight because it’s late. I am going to start on family birds tonight; easing into it with a fun patriotic bird for my aunt Wilma.

My mom and Dad and aunt Wilma and her husband are all going on a vacation together in a couple weeks. I hope they all survive. *just kidding, sort of*. I can promise you there will be lots of laughs, probably some fishing, shopping, but most of all, there will be a lot of games played. My mom and her brothers and sisters are very competitive when playing cards, dominoes or any game really.

My mom prays: “Oh please Jesus let this be my card” and when it doesn’t work out she *used to* say something like: “Well shoot a monkey”. My husband and I would always give her crap for this. “Man a lot of monkeys lost their lives tonight”.

My uncle Roland will flat out leave a game if it is going the wrong way, and if he doesn’t leave he will gripe and accuse you of cheating. He’s not always wrong.

But my aunt Wilma… Well I haven’t played much with her. But my mom always looks forward to her coming down so they can play. Oddly enough, after she has played with Wilma or learned a new game from her, she plays with me and the rules have always changed. “Mom, why did you do that?” “Well, Wilma said that this is the rule and not that… We’ve been playing it wrong” Yeah… Right…

It really doesn’t matter, I am better than all of them.

Date Made: March 6th, 2015
Block #65
Days on Project: 65
Blocks Made: 65

For Wilma M.

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