Hummingbird #73

Block #73 For Matthew C.

Block #73 For Matt Ch.

I worked with/for Matt on two separate occasions. The first time ’round he was my project manager and then became my boss. He hired me again several years later when he was everybody’s boss.

I remember my first day back there. I was talking to some folks I didn’t know from before and they asked, “How did you come to know about this job?” I said, “Oh I used to work for Matt.” They said “Matt who?”. Apparently, over the 5 years I was gone, “Matt” had become “Matthew” and no one knew who I was talking about. When they figured it out, I was just being disrespectfull. To this day, I have a hard time calling him anything other than Matt.

Quick Funny Story

I am not what you would call a neat freak. I am not what you would even call neat. Matt is. One day I picked him up for lunch and, as usual, there was a fine layer of dust on my dash. He immediately wipes it off with his hand. And all that dust falls directly on his sharp black suit. To quote one of the best TV series and movies ever “Why you always gotta be so tidy… You shouldn’t be so tidy”

Date Made: March 16th, 2015
Block #73
Days on Project: 75
Blocks Made: 73

For Matt Ch.

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